# 17. Samadhi Meditation

Self Optimisation Through Samadhi Meditation Embark on a transformative journey to achieve mental balance, emotional harmony, and spiritual growth In a world that constantly demands our attention and time, finding moments of peace and tranquility has become a rarity for many. But, through the ancient practice of Samadhi meditation, a deeper level of self-awareness and […]

# 16. Lucid Dreaming Tips

Lucid Dreaming Tips

Unlock the Power of Your Dreams: Top Lucid Dreaming Tips to Achieve Conscious Dreamings Increase the Frequency and Quality of Your Lucid Dreams with These Simple Techniques and Practices Achieving lucid dreams, where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while still in the dream state, can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, for […]

#15. Default Mode Network (DMN) & Consciousness Hacking

Transhumanism, Posthumanism, and Advanced Human Abilities

The Default Mode Network and Consciousness Hacking: Understanding and Modulating Our Waking Consciousness Exploring the Role of the Default Mode Network in Our Mental Processes and How Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork Can Influence It. The human brain is a complex and dynamic organ that is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. One of the […]

#14. Transhumanism, Posthumanism, and Advanced Human Abilities

Transhuman couple

Transhumanism, Posthumanism, and Advanced Human Abilities: Exploring the Intersection of Technology, Humanity, and Consciousness Transhumanism and posthumanism are movements that seek to use technology to transcend the limitations of the human body and mind, and to enhance our physical, cognitive, and emotional capacities. While these movements hold great promise for improving human health and well-being, […]

#13. Technological Singularity

Technological Singularity

THE TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY The technological singularity refers to the hypothetical event in which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so advanced that it surpasses human intelligence, leading to an exponential increase in technological progress and potentially profound changes in society. The idea of the technological singularity has been popularized by futurists like Ray Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge, […]

#12. Meeting the Moment

Meeting the present moment

MEETING THE MOMENT https://youtu.be/srx39cmqxkg I’ve been meditating for over 20 years. I’m sharing here one of the quickest and most powerful meditation techniques to get us out of our heads (stress, anxiety, doubt, worry, overwhelm) and back into homeostasis (stillness, insights, flow, ease).  Take a few minutes and drop in with me here. Join me […]

#11. Finding My Purpose

Love, by Alexander Milov, wire frames and LED lights, Made in 2015 for the Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA, © Alexander Milov WHY ARE YOU HERE? FINDING PURPOSE “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s […]

Sleeping Tips – 5 Tips to Optimise for Wellbeing and Performance

Sleeping Tips – What Are Your Sleep Goals? 5 Sleeping Tips to Optimise your Wellbeing and Performance As a sleep enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my sleep habits. My sleep goals change all the time depending on my current needs. At times, I focus on optimizing my sleep habits to […]

#9. Accessing Alpha Brainwave States

Accessing Alpha Brainwave State Understanding our brainwave states is key to being able to hack ourselves for a particular state/outcome. In this Consciousness Hacking post we focus on hacks that shift our state from Beta to to Alpha. For an overview of all states, check out 5 Brainwave States You Need to Know Beta Waves: […]

#8. Getting to Know Your RAS

reticular activating system

Getting to Know Your RAS In this Consciousness Hack we are going to introduce you to the concept of the Reticular Activating System [RAS]. Here are 6 things you need to know about the RAS. What is the reticular activating system [RAS]? How does the RAS work? What are some ways to activate your RAS […]