A Platform for Self Optimisation

Founder of iAMconnected, Troy Haines has spent the past 4 years working with the Transformative Technologies (Transtech) community mentoring, coaching and supporting entrepreneurs and innovators to build and apply exponential technologies. To build human centred technologies that support emotional wellbeing and flourishing.

We consider human consciousness to be a spectrum.  

Mental Health > Wellbeing > Human Performance > Human Potential > and even… Potential Beyond Human

Whilst presently there are rising mental health concerns, this is forcing people to look introspectively and that’s good because our opportunity doesn’t end with here, we are evolving… we have the potential to be so much more and are limited largely by our conditioning.  

We need you… Join the movement 

Meet the Team

Troy Haines

BBus (Marketing)
Meditation & Performance Coach

Jonathan Banks

Dip.T. Prim (Psych), Dip. Clin. Hyp.
Neurofeedback / Peak Performance Coach

Loz Antonenko

Exercise & Nutrition

Kevin Ly

12 years of meditation experience + breathwork practices from Wim Hof and Patrick Mckeown.

Dr Daniel Ho

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) Chief Biohacker Consultant

Nathan Davis

BHSc (Western Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Medicine) & Adv Dip Naturopathy

Mark Minichiello

Corrective Exercise, Holistic Lifestyle & Performance Coach

Kylie Cloney

BHSc (Alternative & Complementary Medicine & Medical Systems)

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