The reason you are feeling lost and suffering is because you are over identified with your mind (thoughts and emotions). Most people haven't been taught how to relate to their minds and this is causing dsyfunction in life.


If you are not your mind, then who are you? And... why are you here? iAMconnected's Becoming Exponential Program is about discovering exactly that.

...over the course of 12 weeks you'll learn to relate to yourself in a new way that will change the course of your life forever!

 Our 12 week immersion program utilise cutting-edge technology to help you develop healthy habits, heal unresolved emotional wounds, and optimise your waking and sleep states through personalised biometric analysis.
You’ll join a community of like-minded people who are already using iAMconnected to level up their relationship with their Mind, Body, and Soul. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to align your life with your true nature.  
Apply now and start living your best life!


Becoming Exponential is for you, if you:

  • Are feeling stuck or suffering in any way
  • Know that there has to be more to this human experience (there is)
  • Are a seeker on the path to realising your full potential
  • Curious about how you can use technology to accelerate your growth 
  • Concerned about how fast technology (AI and other expoential technologies) is moving not wanting to get left behind
  • Want ot be a full expression of your potential
When I started the iAMConnected Exponential Program six weeks ago, I hoped that I would see improvements in my mental health. I am truly astounded at the major progress that I have made in such a short time. I have learned many truths about myself and put into practice new skills that have set me on the right path forward. I sincerely thank you for creating iAMConnected and I unreservedly recommend the Exponential Program to anyone reading this…do it like your life depends on it, because your quality of life does! Like many, I was on anti-depressants before the Program. Specifically SSRIs for more than twenty years. I used to think that I was achieving better living through chemistry but I no longer think so. I was originally prescribed the medication quite casually by my GP. I was willing to give it a try because I felt I was too often angry, too intensely. On the medication, I did feel less angry but came to realise that my personality was dulled along with my angry response to triggers that frequently arise from interacting with people and the world. I was repressing anger and most every other emotion that arose and my physical health was suffering as much as my mental wellbeing. Through the Program, I became aware that my anger is merely a symptom of unprocessed trauma. With your help, I learned to process the emotions and heal the trauma which I have been carrying around like leaden bags. I am now thankfully anti-depressant free and regaining my mental and physical fitness rapidly. You have taught to recognise the traumatised parts of myself that have been triggering to defend me as I interact with the world. With recognition has come the space to process the triggers and lean into the emotions (fear, anger, guilt, shame) rather than continually stuffing them deep down inside which reinforces the trauma to play out the scenario again and again. Namaste 😊
Senior Partner

In this program you'll

  • You’ll learn to relate to use your mind as opposed to it using you
  • Find the truth of who you really are and explore why you are here
  • You’ll learn to connect with the wholeness, aliveness and connectedness within
  • You’ll build new ways to relate to your mind that will change your life forever, making you truly exponential 
  • You’ll elevate your consciousness – moving beyond thoughts and emotions
  • Generate an unshakeable sense of wellbeing 
  • Be prepared for the period of hyper acceleration and change that we are collectively moving into
I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses, programs, sessions, classes, books and audio's in search of myself, who I am and where I belong in this world. Trying to find that joy, inner peace and contentment we're all so longing for but never seem to reach. I can tell you from the very bottom of my heart, this 6 week challenge HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! But not just my own life, my children's and all whom I love and spend time with. If I can recommend one thing to you (out of the thousands I've done) this is it. Things will never be the same, in the most incredible way! Please, PLEASE if this sounds like something you're searching for.. you may have just found it! Please reach out to Troy Haines and the team at I AM Connected... you can thank me later - Kelly
Kelly G
Senior Level Manager

How it works:

The program is curriculum is outlined below:
  • Before kickoff. A coach will set you set up with key tech so that we can monitor your progress throughout the program.
  • Training Weekly group content training sessions
    1. MODULE 1: Meditation – You’ll learn how to meditate (see Meditation section below). You’ll learn to build a relationship with the mind, understand your brainwave states (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) and how to access different states for wellbeing and performance
    2. MODULE 2: Sleep & Recovery. We’ll monitor and optimise your sleep data across REM, NREM, total sleep, RHR, HRV and using these to optimise your wellbeing and performance
    3. MODULE 3: Pattern recognition. Often the biggest thing holding us back are the unconscious patterns we are stuck in, creating blocks and self limitations. Using the iAMconnected platform and the support of a coach we work with you to indentify what these are and teach you a process for how to release the unresolved emotional wounds holding them in place. This becomes an invaluable lifelong skill
    4. MODULE 4: Forgiveness. We dive into forgiveness and the profound benefits that forgiveness (of ourselves and others) has on wellbeing, performance and our potential
    5. MODULE 5: Beliefs. Our beliefs need to growth with us. They either help us expand or keep us contracted in our current experience. We work with you to move beyond limiting beliefs and integrate those which support your growth.
    6. MODULE 6: Habits. What is it that you utlimately want? Are your habits conducive to you having that? What habits do you need break? We’ll use the latest in science and technology to support you to develop new habits and positively influence your ability to achieve them
  • Meditation 12 x weekly group meditation training sessions. Where you be supported to build a daily habit of meditation. In this practice you’ll learn how to move beyond the mind, to truly observe thoughts and emotions and expereince the awareness beyond thought. This is important because until you learn to observe the mind, then you are a slave to the conditioning of your mind.  Practice includes 6 key essences.
    1. Relesing tension
    2. Releasing emotion
    3. Right breathing
    4. Observing the mind
    5. Being Awareness (we let go of the practice and become one with all)
    6. Setting intentions (directing the mind)
  • Tools Wearable technologies including: 
    1. Oura Ring to track sleep, recovery and activity
    2. Muse EEG meditation device to support meditation practice (Optional)
    3. Dashboard of your key data metrics via iAMconnected’s integrative platform
      Note: This is shared with your coach, to enable us to confidentially support and objectively monitor your progress over the 12 weeks
  • Contraction Release Sessions 12 x 1 hour 1:1 contraction release sessions. … We all have emotional baggage, our unresolved emotional wounds that we’ve pushed down and resist feeling. In doing this we resist feeling altogether. By supporting you to process (which is like releasing) that contracted emotion we are supporting you to feel again…and when we do that we begin to feel the aliveness of everything all around us and in us. In addition we refine your understanding of your data and provide you with personalised interventions.
  • Support / Accountability Daily support from one of our highly skilled coaches via your DailyLog™ on the iAMconnected platform
  • Community Connect with other members of the iAMconnected community and experience the potency of the support from the wider iAMconnected Community. 
  • Note: During the challenge – Biotesting recommendations will be offered by your coach on an individual basis, depending on what your data presents.
"I have been working with iAMconnected for the last 6 months. I initially joined to help me improve my inner health and find my purpose for my next chapter. I was gifted with so much more than this. Through the exploration of my own bio-data, intensive program, and daily logging, I started to find the patterns beyond the triggers that needed work. Supported by a Coach daily, I have unleashed energy, capacity, and awareness I never would have gained by figuring this out on my own or in such a short time frame. I have gained tools that I will use for life and am ever so grateful for the major shifts experienced that are now helping me flourish beyond my expectations."
Pauline Fetaui
GM River City Labs and Startup Catalyst

About your guide:

Troy A Haines


There is no going back… The only way is through. We are here to help. If you’re ready to get started, register for a discovery call via the form below and we’ll decide together if you are a fit for the program.