Wearing Wearable Tech?

Here’s the Easiest ‘Unfair Advantage’ to high performance you will hear today!

Unlocking the potential of
Transformative Technologies

We’ve all got smart wearable tech (phones, watches and other monitoring
devices) but the true unfair advantage, the edge over the others flashing
their newest toy, is the ability to understand (know what intervention to use)
and take action (build good habits) off the back of the data

Optimize your Sleep, Productivity, Recovery and Creativity
with the devices you already own.
(Plus this guide will ensure you are acoss the latest tech on the market).

Make them truly transformative Today.

This free guide is the key to unlocking that potential
and your first step to ‘becoming exponential’.




We’ve spent the past two decades at the forefront of the health innovation, biohacking and transformative technology movements and this guide simplifies it all - breaking down the steps for you to get started TODAY.


Sharing the science sets the foundation for:
A) Understanding what key metrics we measure and.
B) What underlying technologies are used to measure and optimize ourselves for increased levels of well-being and performance.


Showcasing a range of emerging Transformative Technologies so you can see what's on the market and where to start or continue your High-Performance lifestyle.


Getting started. Supercharging your journey by sharing product stacks that accelerate personal transformation... We'll share some product stacks that, when used together, accelerate personal transformation.


I’m Troy Haines, the chair of Transformative Technologies AU, part of a global movement at the forefront of the wellness tech revolution that supports entrepreneurs and innovators to build technologies that elevate emotional well-being and flourishing.

But my story is really…  A tale of two Decades. 

In 2000’s I was the Ultimate Human Guinea Pig, seeking out personal development and meditation practices across the globe. In the last decade, I’ve turned my attention to building ecosystems for performance (both physical and digital), mentoring high-level entrepreneurs, and blazing a path for transformative technologies in the Australian startup scene.

Driven toward the horizon of ultimate human potential, I’m a self confessed consciousness hacker and explorer of what we can ultimately become.

Through my adventures I had been picking up devices and found it frustrating that there wasn’t a place to see all my data together, easily make sense of it and be held accountable to take action on what I was learning.

So I’ve built iAMconnected – an ever-evolving digital platform that enables members to connect multiple wearable technologies while being guided through transformative programs by expert coaches.

To reach these next levels of what is possible we need to be surrounded by others who are also pushing the boundaries and at times be pushed in the right direction.

What we've learned is that it's not just about having wearable technologies. We’re all starting to have shiny inventions in our phones and on our wrists, but it’s the in-ter-ventions and accountability that yield performance optimisation. Wearable technology without interventions is impotence... Wearable technology with effective interventions has infinite potential

This guide will set you on the path to discovering interventions that will spark the infinite potential that we’re all capable of.


The High Performers Guide To Transformative Technologies

Using wearable technologies, platforms and devices for self optimization