What biohacking is for the body, Consciousness Hacking is for the mind.

As a platform iAMconnected integrates key biometric data from wearable technologies along with subjective inputs from a daily journal into a user dashboard. The data provides a feedback loop allowing us to use this objective and subjective data to identify patterns, track and optimise key metrics. Metrics include, Sleep (total sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep), Dreams, Recovery (resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate variability (HRV)), Activity (step count), Meditation (frequency and duration), Healing (tracking triggers / contractions).

This is shared with a coach, who’s role it is to support you to understand your data and identify patterns and inconsistencies in your goals and actions.

Join one of our challenges ranging from one on ones (just you and a coach) to larger challenges as part of our high performer community who are on the path to becoming exponential – one habit at a time.

Challenges are supported by iAMconnected’s proprietary platform which securely integrates data from your wearable devices.  

My sleep has improved a lot since starting the program. I'm not really sure why -- I didn't change any of my sleep routines and I was pretty much already doing everything right in terms of sleep hygiene and maintaining my circadian rhythms. The only difference I can point to is the increased volume of mediation. While I was doing it I didn't notice an obvious cause and effect, but in looking back it becomes obvious...increasing the volume and quality of my meditation during the day had a profound positive impact on my sleep.
Mark Olson
Attorney - Olson Shaner

Become Part of a Global Community

Regardless of where you are in the world, it can often be a battle to keep motivated when building new habits.


Nothing increases adoption like a friendly challenge. 

iAMConnected facilitates healthy coopetition’s around your goals to achieve desired well being & performance benefits.

I am new at meditation so this program helped me to develop a consistent meditation practice. It also introduced me to concepts like flow and several people like Wim Hof which I am following and reading up on.
Kenneth Ting
Founder - Baycall

Holistic, Personalized, and Highly Customizable

iAMconnected’s platform accelerates your personal growth by: