#6. Positive Priming

Prime Yourself It’s been over 3 years now that I’ve been working within the Transformative Technologies community supporting entrepreneurs and innovators to build human centred technologies that help us evolve our wellbeing. I’ve got to experience some really cool tech and work with their founders. One of my favourites which is also a daily go […]

#5. End of Suffering

End of Suffering

Are You Suffering? As someone who grew up with an acute sense of suffering, I know what it’s like to move through the ebs and flows of suffering. For me at times I felt expansive and in those times I could clearly see where I was going, but then something would inevitably trigger a mental […]

# 4. Are We In A Simulation

Is our brain and body a sophisticated VR kit and haptic suit?  The brain has trouble distinguishing between the real world as we know it as a virtual world. It perceives the virtual world as real. Have you ever had a VR experience where your body reacted as if the experience was real.  If you […]

#3. Sleep Stages and States 

Understanding the Stages and States of Sleep  If you’ve ever spent a night tossing and turning, you already know how you’ll feel the next day — tired, cranky, and out of sorts. But missing out on the recommended 6.5 to 9 hours of shut-eye nightly does more than make you feel groggy and grumpy. The […]

#2. 5 Brainwave States You Need to Know

An intro to hacking our state for Wellbeing & Performance Understanding our brainwave states is key to being able to hack ourselves for a particular state/outcome. The brain is an electrochemical organ. Electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves. Millions of electrical pulses pass between neurons when we work, […]

#1. A Simple Consciousness Hack to shift your Paradigm

Watching the Sun Rise This is the sun rise from my balcony taken a couple of days ago (early June).  There is something seemingly therapeutic about being up to watch the sun rise.  I’ve come to use this time for intention setting and prayer, connecting to the vision of what I am becoming and intentions […]