Is our brain and body a sophisticated VR kit and haptic suit? 

The brain has trouble distinguishing between the real world as we know it as a virtual world. It perceives the virtual world as real. Have you ever had a VR experience where your body reacted as if the experience was real. 

If you have the opportunity I encourage you to check out Brisbane based VR experience, Richie’s Plank Experience. “Richie’s Plank Experience was designed to invoke the strongest possible emotions in the shortest possible time.” Walk the plank, 80 stories high. Feel your knees go weak and your palms sweaty all the while being on your lounge room floor.

Our inability to discern what is happening in the “real world” and perceived to be happening is also evidenced when we are dreaming. Evolution evolved in such a way that through muscle atonia our body is paralysed during the REM phases of sleep (when we dream). Otherwise we would end up acting out our dreams. Our brain can’t tell the difference. 

Makes me so curious why evolution has gone down this path ie: having to paralyse the body during the REM stages of sleep as opposed to making the brain understand that it’s just a dream. 

Why has the brain evolved in such a way that it can’t distinguish from the waking state, imagination, virtual worlds? Are we destined to enter a metaverse of worlds? Are we already in a hyper advanced VR experience where our brain/body are an organically evolved VR kit and haptic suit? As the metaverse becomes a reality, are we creating worlds, within worlds, within worlds… Is this infinity? 

Are we already in a virtual world? Have you seen Elon Musk’s take on “Are we in a virtual world” –

What is real? We rely on the scientific process (defining and testing a hypothesis, where the results are peer reviewed), but facts are being updated all the time. The future really is wild. 

Potentially we should be open to there being more to reality than “meets the eye”. 

 More on this in upcoming Consciousness Hacks 

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  1. Thanks Pauline <3 My feelings around your questions are: 1. We heal ourselves, when we heal ourselves we reconnect to the whole... our wounds make us feel seperate... when we feel whole there is no fear, there is no risk, there is just a greater becoming. 2. Maybe emotions, feelings and connection just a construct of the simulation? And potentially consciousness is the underlying truth that helps us to realise that we are in a game, within a game, within a game, within a game... Potentially consciousness will lead us back to the truth. We are everything. Thoughts?

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