Watching the Sun Rise

This is the sun rise from my balcony taken a couple of days ago (early June). 

There is something seemingly therapeutic about being up to watch the sun rise.  I’ve come to use this time for intention setting and prayer, connecting to the vision of what I am becoming and intentions for the world that I want to be part of. 

It’s interesting, I find a shift happens as I watch the streaks of light form over the horizon, the light rays reaching out to the clouds, the sound of the morning as it reaches my ears – the breeze in the trees, the birds, insects, cool morning air on my skin, the warmth of my jumper… the depth of the intelligence and beauty with in all of that. It’s so immense. 

And in that most often comes the realisation as the sun moves over the horizon, that the sun is actually stationary and it’s the earth that is spinning, spinning at around 1000 miles per hour, and here I am but a speck on this planet, lost in my own head of thoughts and programs, detached from all of it… and all of this… the sun, the light rays, the planet, the sky and clouds, the ocean, the trees, the birds, the entire ecosystem, the colours, my body, the underlying biology, physics and mathematics, the underlying code which enables it all to unfold around me and in me. It all happens without me needing to do anything. 

The body I’m in… is breathing itself, the body I am in is part of this incredible sophististication, intelligence and beauty and it’s all unfolding. Almost as if for me. 

And so in watching the sunrise, I find my intention setting and prayer shifting from I want, please help, trying to fix, trying to figure out, to a deep appreciation of trust, tuning in and observing this intelligence and incredible beauty which is unfolding in this present moment. And realizing that I am part of that. 

So I am learning to have moments like watching a sunrise, where I have the opportunity to experience myself, not as a separate human consumed by the mind, but as a part of a whole which has a deep beauty and supreme intelligence that is unfolding and know that I am part of that, I am that…  I too have a seed of potential within me, we all do and that if we trusted and connected too this intelligence daily then we would show up with as much beauty as the natural world all around us. 

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