Connecting Oura and Muse

Setting Up Oura & Muse on iAMconnected Getting Set Up  Connecting Oura Follow the instructions from Oura in setting up your Oura Ring and downloading the app to your phone. To connect Oura to iAMconnected, please follow these steps Log into your Oura account – Then click this link: Create the token – […]

5 Day Consciousness Hacking Challenge Resources

5 Day Consciousness Hacking Challenge Getting Set Up  Hey 🙂 I am so excited, that you are taking this 5 day consciousness hacking journey with us.  Here’s a few things to ensure that you’re set up and ready to play full out.  Have you accessed your dashboard on iAMconnected?  If not go here – […]

#11. Finding My Purpose

Love, by Alexander Milov, wire frames and LED lights, Made in 2015 for the Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA, © Alexander Milov WHY ARE YOU HERE? FINDING PURPOSE “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s […]

#10. 5 Tips to Optimise your Sleep for Wellbeing and Performance

What Are Your Sleep Goals? 5 Tips to Optimise your Sleep for Wellbeing and Performance My sleep goals change all the time. At times I’m optimising my sleep habits to support active lucid dreaming, at other times it’s exploring hypnagogic dreams (the transitionary state you enter into and out of between sleep and waking) and […]

#9. Accessing Alpha Brainwave States

Accessing Alpha Brainwave State Understanding our brainwave states is key to being able to hack ourselves for a particular state/outcome. In this Consciousness Hacking post we focus on hacks that shift our state from Beta to to Alpha. For an overview of all states, check out 5 Brainwave States You Need to Know Beta Waves: […]

#8. Getting to Know Your RAS

reticular activating system

Getting to Know Your RAS In this Consciousness Hack we are going to introduce you to the concept of the Reticular Activating System [RAS]. Here are 6 things you need to know about the RAS. What is the reticular activating system [RAS]? How does the RAS work? What are some ways to activate your RAS […]

Embodied and Extended Cognition with Nichol Bradford

Troy is joined by Nichol Bradford, founder of the Transformative Technology movement. Troy first met Nichol through the Transformative Technologies ecosystem. Nichol was looking for someone to support building the Transformative Tech ecosystem in Australia, which for Troy having worked in startup and innovation for close to a decade and with a passion for consciousness, it was a great connection.

They both share a passion for the positive influence that technology can be on the evolution of humanity. Helping elevate human consciousness. Transformative Technology is a community, supporting entrepreneurs and innovators to build human centred technologies that help us to evolve.

Who is Nichol Bradford?

Nichol’s a pioneer, innovator, investor and thought leader at the intersection of technology and human transformation.

Nichol invests as the Co-Founder and Partner at Nirmeia Collective, a seed stage venture fund. She builds community as the Co-Founder of Transformative, a global ecosystem dedicated to educating, gathering, and activating wellbeing tech founders, investors, and innovators – with 9000 members in 72 countries. She shapes global thinking as a speaker, futurist, strategist, and author.

Nichol is a senior interactive entertainment executive. She has been responsible for strategy, operations, marketing and production roles at major brands that include Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, Disney, and Vivendi. Nichol led operations for World of Warcraft China and all of Blizzard Entertainment’s properties in China as well as held a key role on the Vivendi Games team responsible for the Activision-Blizzard merger – an $18B deal and an industry-defining event. She has helped produce events in the metaverse at Epic that broke world records.

Artificial Intelligence, The Metaverse and Consciousness with Dr Catriona Wallace

Troy is joined by Dr Catriona Wallace one of the world’s most cited experts on the topics of AI, the Metaverse, Web3, responsible tech, women in leadership and the future of work. Troy first met Cat back in July when he attended a technology and meditation event she was hosting in Byron Bay. The event brought together a group of 40 people, half were leaders of spiritual communities and the other half were technologists to explore the intersection between technology and consciousness.

As a follow up conversation from the event… Their discussion covers everything from why regulation and ethics are imperative in the emerging Metaverse, where technology is leading us, what that means for humanity and consciousness itself and how we best prepare ourselves for a future of unprecedented change. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Catriona as much as we did.

Who is Dr Catriona Wallace?

Dr Cartriona Wallace is a Woman, a Mother of 5 and a Medicine Woman in training.

She has been recognised by the Australian Financial Review as the Most Influential Woman in Business & Entrepreneurship. Cat is the founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance and the Executive Chair of Boab AI – Artesian Capital’s AI Accelerator and VC fund. Catriona was also the Founder of Ethical AI Advisory, now part of the Gradient Institute, where Catriona is a Director.

#7. The Brain on Psilocybin

The Brain on Psilocybin Based on clinical trials at Imperial College, London researchers analysed fMRI scans of 15 people after being injected with psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, and compared them to scans of their brain activity after receiving a placebo. See full research article here   “In a normal brain, many things are […]

#6. Positive Priming

Prime Yourself It’s been over 3 years now that I’ve been working within the Transformative Technologies community supporting entrepreneurs and innovators to build human centred technologies that help us evolve our wellbeing. I’ve got to experience some really cool tech and work with their founders. One of my favourites which is also a daily go […]