Our vision is to elevate human consciousness

To be the worlds largest community of bio and consciousness hackers committed to realising higher states of consciousness.  Through the application of technology, facilitation, supplements and experimentation, we heal and explore ourselves, expand our awareness and realise our potential.

It really feels like we are building a machine/technology for enlightment and beyond.  Our 20 year vision is to build iAMconnected into a vehicle for enlightenment. We are early days in researching how to establish iAMconnected as a DAO and build in a token (or integrate an already established token) which rewards users for completing their logs, processing contractions and making their data available to what we are co-creating collectively (helping users to awaken and share their gifts as part of the greater collective becoming).

We’ll work towards integrating machine learning / AI to respond to logs, help users to heal their wounds faster and recommend ways for self optimisation. Members of iAMconnected would be rewarded for contributing to this either through the DAO and/or token.

Though, the most important thing for now is that we serve our target audiences a high level:

  1. Consciousness Hackers / High Performers
  2. Coaches who we can train to use Transformative Techologies with their clients and utlise iAMconnected platform. If this sounds like you, please use the following link to book a demo

We are looking for others to join our team also, with particular focus on content development, AI/Machine learning, Game development / Gamification and Web3 tech. 

If what we are doing here reasonates with you then we encourage you to reach out on info@iamconnected.com

White Paper Coming Soon