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It’s been over 3 years now that I’ve been working within the Transformative Technologies community supporting entrepreneurs and innovators to build human centred technologies that help us evolve our wellbeing. I’ve got to experience some really cool tech and work with their founders. One of my favourites which is also a daily go to technology that I use is Positive Prime

Positive Prime founder, Kim Serefini (a best selling author, who also founded Lithos Therapy “Hot Stone Massage”) has pioneered this brain priming application that is rooted in neuroscience & positive psychology and in essence is a tool that brings together many facets of personal transformation into one incredible technology, making it a notable consciousness hacking tool.

What is Positive Prime? It’s an application that 1. Primes you into a positive state 2. Influences your brain to bring what you intend into your field of view. It’s like a vision board on steroids. 

Aspects of neuroscience, positive and cognitive psychology that Positive Prime leverages include

  1. The brain is neuroplastic. Which means that we can form new neural networks in the brain to change who we are.
  2. The brain has trouble distinguishing between virtual experiences and “real” experiences.
  3. Our brains evolve with cognitive bias, based on our experiences. We can expand our awareness by influencing the RAS (Reticular Activating System)
  4. Emotions help forge memory – good and bad. Good – positive associations. Bad – trauma 
  5. We have mirror neurons in our brains that mirror some of what we see in others… see someone smiling, it can often trigger you to smile. 
  6. The brain is more receptive to change when we are in an alpha / theta brainwave state. 
  7. Forging new neural networks ie: beliefs and behaviors requires repetition, reinforcement and consistency. 
  8. We unconsciously process way more information than we are consciously aware of… it’s surmised that unconsciously we process approximately 11 million bits per second, whilst our conscious mind is only capable of processing approximately 50 bits per second 
  9. The brain reads significantly more information, far quicker from images than words.
  10. Historically vision boards (ie: meaning pictures that represent things that you’re aspiring to include in your life are pieced together onto a large board and reflected on daily) have been promoted as a powerful tool for conditioning the unconscious, influencing thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The Positive Prime application

  1. Has sessions of expertly curated images, affirmations, statements on particular themes for thinking, feeling and habit creation that help you to program your brain. Examples of sessions include – greater confidence, easily write a book, make more money, awakening, among so many others.
  2. These sessions can be watched over an hour or condensed at high speed in as little as 3 minutes. At 3 minutes you can’t consciously read the text, however the unconscious part of our brain is seeing everything and our neurology responds.
  3. The sessions are available on demand whenever you want it.
  4. The images selected for the sessions are selected based on positive psychology ie: Duchenne smiles affect the brain’s mirror neurons… thus sending messages to our endocrine system to produce more feel good hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine & oxytocin.
  5. Therefore whilst the theme is positively conditioning your brain, your state is being elevated.
  6. A recent study at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) verified that watching Positive Prime for just 3 minutes increases the prevalence of alpha and theta brainwaves. 
  7. You can upload your own images into the sessions, so whilst you’re installing a new program from the theme you are also conditioning your RAS with the individual experiences you’d like to have in your life. I also experience a small dopamine hit every time we see one of our own personal images.
  8. The images, statements, affirmations and your personal images are shuffled every time you watch it, so each time you watch it is a unique experience. Therefore the brain doesn’t fatigue from watching the same thing over and over again (like often happens with a vision board).

Positive Prime – does this and more. I use it each day (often multiple times) to hack my human experience. It is one of a carefully selected tech stack that we offer in our iAMconnected programs to support wellbeing, performance and our greater becoming. 

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  1. So excited to get going on this. As a photographer, I’m already tuned in to the power of images. A visual flashing story of what I desire to manifest rather than the static vision board that I do often get bored with seems like such a genius idea.

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