Team Challenges

Use our challenges to achieve employee wellbeing

iAMconnected offers you the opportunity to get your team involved in friendly challenges that lets team members participate in individual and team-based competitions to help move them towards higher levels of wellbeing and performance.

See employee wellbeing levels rise in no time!

iAMconnected is perfect for companies that want to incorporate an employee wellbeing program to help boost their team’s performance levels and achieve better business results. You get global wellbeing experts to analyze the biofeedback and neuro-feedback data from your team members.

This data is collected from cutting edge devices and then our experts offer customized and personalized wellbeing coaching for your individual team members.

Achieve higher employee engagement

Regardless of whether your team members are working remotely or in a hybrid work environment, it’s always a battle to keep your employees engaged.

Nothing increases employee engagement like a friendly competition. iAMConnected allows you to set competition goals and desired health parameters.

Also you can offer incentives to employees that consistently meet their wellbeing goals. All this helps you achieve higher employee engagement. A win-win scenario for your organisation and your team members as well!

My sleep has improved a lot since starting the program. I'm not really sure why -- I didn't change any of my sleep routines and I was pretty much already doing everything right in terms of sleep hygiene and maintaining my circadian rhythms. The only difference I can point to is the increased volume of mediation. While I was doing it I didn't notice an obvious cause and effect, but in looking back it becomes obvious...increasing the volume and quality of my meditation during the day had a profound positive impact on my sleep.
Mark Olson
Attorney - Olson Shaner

Achieve higher employee engagement


Reduced sickness absence was evident in 82% of programmes, making a positive contribution economically via reduced overtime payments, temporary recruitment and permanent staff payroll

Infinite number of challenges, tailored to your teams needs, step challenges, meditation, state control, weight loss Sleep, no alcohol, quit smoking, phone addiction, gratitude, 42 day complete challenges, the options are endless



Every $1 spent on workplace health initiatives results in return on investment up to $34:1

I am new at meditation so this program helped me to develop a consistent meditation practice. It also introduced me to concepts like flow and several people like Wim Hof which I am following and reading up on.
Kenneth Ting
Founder - Baycall

Holistic, Personalized, and highly customizable

Apart from the challenges that will run for a certain period of time, your team members get the chance to experience:

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