5 Day Consciousness Hacking Challenge

Getting Set Up 

Hey ūüôā I am so excited, that you are taking this 5 day consciousness hacking journey with us.¬†

Here’s a few things to ensure that you’re set up and ready to play full out.¬†

  1. Have you accessed your dashboard on iAMconnected?  If not go here Рhttps://app.iamconnected.com/login enter the email address that you registered with, click forgot password and create a password. Then login 
  2. Once on the platform, set your timezone and add a profile pic and click update. Note: You can also turn off/on email notifications via this page. If you need to get back here, you can use this link Рhttps://app.iamconnected.com/profile 
  3. To start using the platform, here are 3 short videos that will help you to find your way around and get started using some of the features.
    1. Creating shortcuts on your phone (note this demo is iphone using safari brower, adapt for your phone and brower of choice)  Рhttps://forum.iamconnected.com/post/1656977195
    2. Using the iAMconnected meditation timer. Here’s how Рhttps://forum.iamconnected.com/post/1656997450
    3. Understanding your dashboard and using your daily log – https://forum.iamconnected.com/post/1656995713
  4. If you have an Oura Ring or Muse Meditation device and would like to connect it to the platform, you can find more information on how to do that here Рhttps://iamconnected.com/connecting-oura-and-muse/ 

Our challenge arena is here – https://app.iamconnected.com/challenges¬†this is where we’ll have post replays from the day before, plus you can chat with other challenge participants.¬†

If you have any challenge or  questions, please reach out info@iamconnected.com 

Big Love

Troy Haines
Chief Consciousness Hacker 

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