12 Week Transformation

Advanced Program –
Prerequisite is finishing the Becoming Exponential 6-week Program
By invitation only

Humanity shares a core wound which above everything, drives behavior and causes suffering.

it is SEPARATION ...

… as part of this program we reconnect you to that which is missing.
Since the big bang (the initial point of unified consciousness which exploded into everything), life has been evolving as seemingly separate expressions of matter, energy and intelligence. Quantum theory shows us, despite the feeling of being in separate forms, we are all in fact connected to everything. 
Underlying the perception of separation, we all yearn to feel connected to the whole again. 
We all know that wholeness doesn’t come from material things, other people, stories or Netflix. It comes when we turn our attention inwards and start tuning into what has always been there. Moving beyond the things which make us feel separate– our minds, our wounds, our stories (individual and collective). 
Becoming Exponential is a 12-week transformation, where we deepen your relationship with yourself, training you to develop key skills and habits, whilst supporting you to move beyond that which is keeping you separate from what you already are. WholeEverything.

The Infinity program is for you, if you are a:

Ready to move beyond the theory and have a geniune experience of unity consciousness. The singularity that started everything. iAMconnected 

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