I help Entrepreneurs & Executives measure & improve their day to day performance, health and well being using biometric technologies
Are you an Entrepreneur or Executive struggling with stress, anxiety, sleep, overwhelm, focus, poor productivity, lack of meaning, managing your emotions?! Or maybe you're already nailing it, but want to objectively see how effectively you're nailing it so that you can go to the next level? 

I get it... As a business owner / leader we're in a constant phase of growth, which challenges and drives the best of us. For the past 18 months I've been working as part of a team of people globally who are building out an ecosystem to support the development of technologies focused around mental health, well being and human performance called Transformative Technologies 

My name is Troy Haines and through iAMconnected we're bringing together a unique set of Transformative Technologies to help Entrepreneurs and Executives (and their teams) measure and improve their day to day performance, health & well being. 

As leaders we understand that, "what we measure we can improve" and now using these technologies we have the capability to easily and effectively measure individual biometrics (across 24 hours) that underpin well being and performance. These biometrics provide the foundation for integrating training, programs, support and accountability to release patterns that don't serve and create powerful new habits that do.

If you're interested in learning how Entrepreneurs and Executives just like you are using these technologies to optimise their performance and potential... giving access to a greater productivity, well being, joy, creativity, insight, ease, flow and greater levels of consciousness then click the button below to learn more.
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