I’m an introvert and I’m highly sensitive… growing up that was tough.

I envied my extroverted friends. For my extroverted friends what it feels like to be introverted and high sensitive… we tend to like our own space and less people in that space… what I learned that is because being high sensitive means our senses (hearing, feeling, seeing, taste, smell) are wide open (for me I feel what others feel and it makes me highly empathic) and we’re streaming a lot of data in through our sensors, but reality is no one has shown us how to hone that ability to be able to stream the data and make sense of it and so it most cases it overwhelms and shuts us down and we feel to retreat either physically (ie: leave the environment) or energetically into ourselves. New people and new environments can be tough, but as we become more familiar with environments and people it’s easy to be comfortable as we become familiar with the data streams (sights, sounds, smells,etc… ) we find comfort in the space and with that comes depth of experience. Being more sensitive then becomes a strength as we perceive depth in our environment, which allows for insights, intuition, knowing at a deeper level because we perceive things that aren’t always obvious As an introvert and hsp I’m not happy with the shut down and as extroverts i want to encourage to tune your sensitivity because data is fast becoming king in a world of information and we all have a natural ability (and a growing need) to filter data and to know our truth beyond an intellectual rational (believe it or not there are many agendas out there that aren’t always serving our higher good). A hack I want to share with you that works well for me as an introvert/hsp in a new environment with new people is to name and feel my emotions. For example. Going into a concert recently, this was a new environment, large crowd, new people, loud music, hightened energy. Previously my strategy in such an environment was to be present by holding my attention still in my body so as to avoid it pulled all over the place. However what I realised is that in doing that I was resisting all the data (sensory input) that was arising, whilst I was trying to hold my attention still. In a recent processing session (with a buddy we catch up weekly and process our stuck energy/ emotions aka trauma) and whilst it was move effective then having my attention let lose it still overwhelmed. A much more powerful hack is to name what I’m feeling as I’m feeling it… ie: nervousness and stop resisting it, let go and allow that feeling wash over me, allow myself to feel nervousness and in doing so the emotion (energy in motion) moves through and it’s gone… and then there’s something else… a tightness… oh fear, allow the feeling of fear to wash over me and throughout my body and again it moves through and so on and so on until you reach a point where my sensors are still wide open (ie: no shutdown) but there’s an ease in being because I’ve processed the peak emotions which previously I resisted/pushed against and along with that the data that the feelings are carrying… insights, awareness, felt sense of knowing and connection to everything that surrounds me. It’s fuking powerful The caviot to this is sometimes being in such environments can trigger a trauma (a past experience when we didn’t have the social and emotional tools to coop and we contracted / locked that energy/emotion into ourselves), a contraction where the shut down is being fuelled by past experience. I’ll share how to release that stuck emotion/energy in an upcoming hack Love for my introverted / hsp brothers and sisters to play with this and let me know if it works as powerfully for you as it does for me. And our extroverted family pls share with introverts/hsp you know, but also love for you to try this as a means to hone your sensors also Big love Troy Coming soon, Introverts, HSP’s and releasing stuck energy / emotion aka Trauma

Please share this with any highly sensitive or introverted friends you have Speak your day

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