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Our attention is the source of our power. Do you control it or does your mind?

I started meditating back in around 1998 because I felt lost, disconnected, lonely, unhappy with my life and underneath all of that it was causing me to suffer.

So I started reading, learning and working on myself to change what I could… A lot of the personal growth materials I was learning pointed to meditation as a tool that could help, so I started learning and like most people really sucked at it. There was so much noise in my head that I couldn’t focus and found myself sitting there lost in thought, most of the time. My mind was like, really freaking busy. But meditation as a thing, kept coming up in my world and I went from technique to technique, teacher to teacher until eventually I had some sort of a practice that gave me a sense that I was on the right track. Well at least on a track, hahaha.
I remember this one day back in around 2004, working on my startup feeling really overwhelmed, not knowing what I needed to do next, so I thought I need to meditate. So I did as best as I knew how and after it I felt so much better… a lot of the clutter that was filling my head I realised didn’t even matter and as a result of meditating I felt a clearer on the actions I needed to take. I remember thinking why don’t I meditate more often (was very sporadic back then). Progressively it has become part of my daily practice. A practice of taking control of my attention. I totally get how challenging meditation can be when first starting out, the mind for all its awesomeness is like a unbroken brumby, reacting, acting out, skipping from one thing to the next, all with our attention hanging on for dear life on the ride.
What meditation has done for me is allowed me the ability to take control of my attention away from the mind… not 100% of the time, but more and more. The thing that happens when you have control of your attention, is that you can then direct the mind with your intentions and you start truly creating a life as opposed to having life happen to you.
Our attention is the source of our power. Do you control it or does your mind?
Added: April 3, 2020, 2:56 pm