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#1 Reason To Meditate

Now more than ever you need to take control of your attention, to know yourself, know who you truly are, to feel connected and whole, at peace and free of suffering and aligned with a deep sense of meaning. MEDITATION HAS BECOME AS IMPORTANT AS BREATHING.

We live in a world of mistrust, over stimulation, over communication and manipulation, a world where truth is intangible and where truth is aligned to agendas. 


Meditation is a tool that cuts through the lies, it cuts through the noise and manipulation.  It is a tool to know yourself, a practice of taking back your personal power and taking control of your attention.  But you have to practice and keep showing up.  Because until you do,  you are living in a conditioned reality, bombarded by media, pushing your buttons and pressing on your wounds.  Large tech companies and their algorithms are learning you, manipulating what you actually see and perceive in your reality.  Until you take control of your attention and make a practice of meditating daily, you can’t know what is real, you won’t know what is true.  You are living in somebody else's world, owned and controlled by somebody else.


It’s taking back control of your attention, taking back control of your power, the power to know who you are and what we’re really part of.

But we get it, when you sit and close your eyes and try and hold your attention, you CAN’T, because you’re untrained. You CAN, but you have to train, you must CREATE the habit, show up and COMMIT to the practice.

You’ll rationalise that you’re too busy or you don’t know how, or you don’t really need to do it, or you’ll make 100 other things more important, but the thing is you need to fight through that. Your mind is in overdrive, overwhelm.  Your mind is being conditioned for you.  You are in effect, it’s slave.  It’s not you, but your mind is controlling you.  Your mind, that voice in your head, an accumulation of memories, experiences, thoughts, feelings, fears and desires, many of which have been projected into your reality, many of which aren’t real.

The mind is your greatest challenge to overcome.  The greatest challenge of your life is not an external one, but an internal one.  Your truth, purpose, meaning, freedom and peace is in mastering the mind.

Now more than ever you need to take control of your mind and master your inner world. Until you do, you are lost in a world of expectation, manipulation and agendas, none of which are yours, reacting unconsciously to the memories, past experiences, thoughts, feelings, fears and desires.  You are consumed by the mind.  You MUST learn to take control of your attention.

So each day when you think about sitting in meditation and a thought arises that you don’t have time, that you don’t feel like it, that you don’t know how, know that this is the enemy and that this is the internal war to win.  Fight through that noise because we need you to take back your power now.  You need you to take back your power now. The power you will realise is everything you ever wanted, that sense of being absolute, whole and connected.  When you have the fortitude to be able to hold your attention and not get drawn into a story, thought or reaction, you rise above. You're holding your attention and the sense of power that you feel is indescribable.  It floods into you, this universal power, intelligence, sense of knowing explodes inside you.  The peace, love, connection, wholeness, joy, and freedom is in winning this battle, this war of the mind.

So don’t compromise your practice.  At this moment, this is ultimately why you are here.  It’s time to take back your power, take control of your attention.


Added: November 13, 2020, 11:44 am