About iAMconnected
iAMconnected exists to help elevate consciousness on the planet. At this pivotal point in history the pressure to evolve is reaching crisis point. Collectively the human race is failing to live in harmony, protect our home and evolve in a sustainable way.  The finite resources of the planet and our environment are under threat. Poor mental health and well being of humankind has reached epidemic proportions. 

At iAMconnected we believe that human consciousness is the big domino that if we help humankind to find peace, meaning and fulfillment then many of the other problems that we face will be rectified in the process.  To that end we're committed to working with individuals and organisations to help them flourish in a whole new way, moving beyond stress, anxiety, overwhelm, suffering and into flow, meaning, peace, well being, collaboration, creativity and productivity that is aligned to the broader flow of living in all 4 states of consciousness 

1. The first state is the waking state, in which we are aware of our daily world. "It is described as outward-knowing gross and universal”. This is the gross body. 

2. The second state is the dreaming mind. "It is described as inward-knowing subtle and burning”. This is the subtle body.

3. The third state is the state of deep sleep. “In this state the underlying ground of consciousness is undistracted, the knower of all, the inner controller, the source of all, the origin and dissolution of created things”. This is the causal body.

4. The fourth factor is Turiya, pure consciousness. “It is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness. In this consciousness both absolute and relative, are transcended. It is the true state of experience of the infinite and non-different, free from the dualistic experience which results from the attempts to conceptualise reality”. It is the state in which non-origination, is apprehended.

At this stage, iAMconnected's programs have been specifically developed for business owners as you are the people with the greatest impact and the greatest need. Utilising modern technology and ancient methodology, we provide personalised bio metrics that enable us to support you to improve your performance, flow, meaning, peace, well being, collaboration, creativity and productivity. 

We invite you to check out the case study below. 
About Troy Haines
Troy Haines is a global mentor for Transformative Technology Academy, Lead for Transformative Technologies Movement in Australasia and founder of theSPACE, a startup and innovation incubator in regional Queensland where he has worked as a startup & innovation coach.  

Through his work at theSPACE Troy has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the planet to develop and commercialise ideas. Amongst many awards, Troy was named Innovation Champion in 2014 by the Premier of Queensland, inducted into the QLD Government Innovation Wall of Fame for his work supporting entrepreneurship and was the winner of the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia 2015 & 2017 challenge for “Building Startup & Innovation Ecosystems in Regional Australia”.

Troy is an inaugural investment panel member of the Advance Queensland's $80M Business Development Fund. A fund, that invests in early stage ventures.

Troy has had a daily meditation practice for the past 20 years. In his spare time Troy trains and competes in natural body sculpting competitions as a plant based athlete 
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