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The ancient Hindu text Advaita Vedanta (non dualism) describes three states of consciousness and Turiya (the fourth) - waking, dreaming, deep sleep and Turiya. In our current paradigm we exist primarily in the waking state - work, health, relationships, environment… always so much to do and so many problems to solve. It’s no wonder happiness becomes elusive and we’re always so stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, suffering and/or starved for meaning. However the paradigm we’ve been born into, doesn’t have to be the paradigm we leave for our children. It’s now at a critical point in our evolution we want to encourage you to open to the possibility of learning to consciously experience all states of consciousness. Using cutting edge technologies to objectively measure your consciousness, along with ancient philosophy, your subjective experience and our support, we want to invite you to redefine what it means to you, to be you. 
An overview of the three states of consciousness + Turiya include:
1. The first state is the waking state, in which we are aware of our daily world. "It is described as outward-knowing, it’s our 3D reality, physical body, material world… impermanence".

2. The second state is the dreaming mind. "It is described as inward-knowing. Insights, dreams, the mind (thoughts and feelings) and our life force energies (breath / heart beat)”.

3, The third state is the state of deep sleep. “In this state the underlying ground of consciousness is undistributed as we transcend the mind. It is here the seed of our potential resides and through the stillness we can tune into and nurture our soul’s potential.

4. The fourth factor is Turiya, pure consciousness. It is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness. In this consciousness both absolute and relative are transcended. It is the true state of experience of the infinite and non-different, free from dualistic experience (good:bad, light:dark, right:wrong). It is the state in which ajativada, non-origination, is apprehended. It is to experience yourself as God, everything that was and is, beyond any sense of self.
The image below may help to more effectively conceptualise these concepts 
We're connecting our clients to greater well being, more effective sleep, energy and confidence, using both objective and subjective data,  training, support and accountability. We map their individual consciousness across these 5 key brain wave frequencies: 

Gamma = Turiya to Waking
Beta = Waking
Alpha = Waking/Dreaming
Theta = Dreaming/Deep Sleep
Delta = Deep Sleep/Turiya

What that looks like practically is that using meditation and cutting edge technologies we're work with our clients to measure key bio metrics that enable us to create a baseline and then support you to improve these key metrics across, emotional intelligence, performance, flow, sleep, well being, productivity and activity.

For more information on how we're doing that, please check out the FREE case study below.
About Troy Haines
Troy Haines is a Consciousness Coach. For the past 20 years Troy has been on a journey to discover the truth of who he is and what he and all of us are part of and truly capable of. An everyday person (likely just like you) on a path to become a full expression and experience of his potential in this human reality and beyond.
20 years of meditation practice (amongst many other practices) has developed his deep appreciation for altered states of consciousness and the ancient technologies that enable them. In his recent work as part of the Transformative Technologies team, Troy is working with others to build out a global ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and innovators to develop technologies that support well being, mental health and human flourishing with a goal of elevating the consciousness of 2 billion people by 2050. 
Through iAMconnected we are integrating both ancient and cutting edge modern technologies on a quest for the advancement of human consciousness.   
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